Federated Wiki introduction

When using the federated wiki for writing and documentating of our thoughts, we are oftentimes presented with unknown concepts. This page gives a quick overview of what a federated wiki is.


For a quick start into what wiki is, please consult these introduction pages.

Introduction fed.wiki.org hello.ward.bay.wiki.org about.fed.wiki

What are wiki pods within the federation?

To view the pages below, you will first need to add the Pods and the Goals wikis to your neighbourhood. You can do so by clicking the double arrows below.

Pods pods.wiki.org Goals goals.pods.wiki.org


Wikis have been used for different purposes. The examples below have been compiled to highlight some of them.

Resources for deepening the understanding * Chorus of Voices * reading list

A search to look into the federation, and a visualisation created from the results. - Federation Search (interface ) - Graph of the known federation